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FinnSpring 2017 in Nousiainen, 22nd – 23rd of April 2017

National Orienteering Competition, Huippuliiga, World Ranking Event (WRE) and trial competition for adult’s championships competitions

Relay on Saturday, April 22nd

Classes and entry fees:

H21A, H21AL, H120, H150, H180, H210, D21A, D21AL, D120, D150, D180, HD21C company and mixed teams (license is not necessary in HD21C) (60 €)
H15-18, D15-18 (45 €)
H/D14, at least one girl (30 €)
H/D12 one leg TR and at least one girl in the team (the legs are in order 1st leg = H/D12, 2nd leg = H/D12TR, 3rd leg = H/D12) (30 €)
H/D10-12TR (2 H/D10RR + 1 H/D12TR), at least one girl the legs are in order 1st leg = H/D12TR, 2nd leg = H/D10RR, 3rd leg = H/D10RR) (30 €)

There are 3 legs in all classes.

In classes H/D120, H/D150, H/D180 and H210 the combined age of the team must be at least 120, 150, 180 or 210 years. To participate in these classes the competitors must be at least 35 (for H/D120), 40 (for H/D150), 50 (for H/D180) or 60 (for H/D210) years of age.

Running orders: The running orders for the relay must be registered primarily online on the IRMA online service by 6 PM on Friday the 21st of April. For the HD21C class the running order can be sent via e-mail to address finnspring(at)msparma.fi by 6 PM on Friday the 21st. Changes submitted to the info center thereafter will be charged 10€/team.

Individual competition on Sunday, April 23rd (long distance)

Huippuliiga, WRE and Trial classes: H/D21E (World Cup in Finland and World Championships)
The instructions for the selection of competitors in classes H21E and D21E will be published in Finnish on the website of the Finnish Orienteering Federation (www.suunnistusliitto.fi). The rest of those who have registered to enter the class H/D21E will be moved to classes EB, EC etc. according to the WRE rules of the IOF.

All classes and fees:
Huippuliiga, WRE and trial classes H/D21E (38€)
elite classes H/D20E, H/D18E and H/D16E (23 €)
H/D21A,AL,C, H35A,AL – H70A,AL; H75-H90; D35A,AL-D60A,AL; D65-80 (20 €)
H/D17-20, H/D16 (15 €)
H/D14, H/D13, H/D12, H/D12TR, H/D10, H/D10RR (10 €)
In classes other than the trials the organizers have a right to divide the participants in parallel classes according to the amount of participant registrations.

General information for both competitions

Terrain: The competition area is varied and quick to run on, typical southwestern terrain. There are many quite small, open, fast and easy to read bare-rock hills, and these are surrounded by marsh ground or dense forest and felled areas of different age. There are some forest roads, fields and an electric line running through the terrain.
Map: In trial classes, elite classes and classes H/D21A the scale is 1:15 000. In all other classes the scale is 1:10 000. Maps are with a contour interval of 5 m. Printed/offset printed 4/2016. Mapped by Ari Salonen, 2016-2017.
Entries: Entries must be done by Thursday April 13th at 24.00 online with IRMA online service or by mail to Matti Koivisto, Kuralantie 11, 21900 Yläne, Finland. In addition, it is possible to enter a relay team to the class HD21C for Saturday though an e-mail registration to the address finnspring(at)msparma.fi if IRMA registration is not possible.
The competitor must include his/her Emit card number in the entry. If the Emit card number is missing, the organizer will reserve an Emit card for you and charge you 5€ per day. Your rental Emit card should be picked up from the info desk at the competition centre. Those who send in their entries by mail, must pay the entry fee simultaneously with the following bank information: Account owner: Liedon Parma – Mynämäen Suunnistajat -52, IBAN: FI97 4309 0010 2794 20, BIC: ITELFIHH. Please write precise information about the entry to the message field of the payment.
Late entries: By 24.00 on Wednesday April 19th through IRMA, with 1,5*entry fee.
Routing:  Guiding to the competition centre starts from highway 8, from between the municipality centres of Mynämäki and Nousiainen. Driving time from the start of the guiding is under 5 minutes. The guiding posts are on their places by Saturday 23.4.2016 at 9:00. The navigation address to the start of the guiding posts from north is Asemantie 1, Mynämäki and from south Mynämäentie 1, Nousiainen.
Parking: At rock quarry areas and Roukkuli industrial area. There is a hard surface on the parking areas. The distance to the competition centre from the parking areas is 200-1600 meters. The parking fee is 5€ for the whole weekend. The parking fee is for the costs of the parking arrangement.
Starts: On Saturday the starts will happen at certain intervals at the competition centre, starting from 12:00. The first Huippuliiga start on Sunday is at 10:00, in other classes the first start on Sunday is at 11:00. Distance to the starts 1-3 is about 1,2km and to start 4 (children) about 700m. The Huippuliiga start is at the competition center. Those participating in the Huippuliiga will have a pre-start. Starting intervals for Saturday and the pre-start for Huippuliiga on Sunday are explained in more detail in the competition instructions.

Personnel: Competition Manager Petri Paukkunen (petri.paukkunen(at)msparma.fi, 0400 669 203)
Competition secretary Matti Koivisto (finnspring(at)msparma.fi, 041 449 9344)
The Head of course planning team Pekka Lapila
WRE Event Advisor Vesa Elovaara
Technical Advisor Matti Mäkirinne, FOF (+358 400 523 258).
Course Controllers Vesa Elovaara AngA (individual competition) and Jyrki Lammila (relay).
Info and media: Sanna Nyman (sanna.Nyman(at)metsakustannus.fi, 040 596 2200).
Open courses: On Saturday the start is open from 12:00 and the finish closes at 4:00pm. On Sunday the start is open from 10:00 and the finish closes at 3:00PM. There are three courses: lengths are about 2 km, 4 km and 6 km. On Saturday and Sunday the courses run in different parts of the terrain. Registration fee is 12€/day and 20€/Sat+Sun, participants under 16 at half the price. Emit punching system. Rental card 5 €.
Kids’ zone ("Muksula"): There is a free kids’ zone in the competition centre (Saturday 12:00-16:00, Sunday 10:00 - 15:00). Advance registration is required for the kids’ zone by Tuesday April 18th primarily through the registration link on the internet pages of the competition or through email to finnspring(at)msparma.fi
Miscellaneous: There is a restaurant and a cafe in the competition centre. Washing in the open, the use of shampoo and soap is prohibited for environmental reasons. Own safety pins are needed for attaching the number bibs.

Training: Satarastit on Tuesday the 18th. FinnSpring 2017 is located at the neighboring terrain of the 2021 Jukola relay and will be the official Jukola training terrain.

WELCOME – Liedon Parma and Mynämäen Suunnistajat -52

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